lundi 7 avril 2014

I do ...

"Does every woman picture the day she may stand across from her love and say “I Do”? Yes to a lifetime of building together, of lifting each other up, of conquering both individual dreams and united dreams? I was never that little girl… I surely equated marriage with ruffles and big bows, permed hair, questionable shoes and a day of not climbing trees. I didn’t like pink. I played in the mud. I favored my horses and boots over any doll or dress up  heels. As I have grown, and age has graced me with life’s experiences, my tastes too have evolved. Realization hit…. being a bride doesn’t reflect that of a lifetime barbie experience. There is a way for every woman…
Its a time to reflect what lies inside you. To shine outward and be the truest you."

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