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Dome In The Desert In Joshua Tree ...

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The Dome in the Desert was included in Refinery29's, "23 Best Airbnb's that have us trippin'".

We welcome you to the Dome in the Desert! We created this space as a personal escape from our busy city lives and a place to re-energize in solace under the desert sky. 

The Dome in the Desert rests on multiple acres and is secluded from neighbors so you can enjoy sprawling desert mountain views and the star-filled night sky in privacy. Yet, it is conveniently located only a few miles from the wonderful town center of Joshua Tree including restaurants and entertainment, and the Joshua Tree National Park visitors center on Park Blvd.

On the interior, the Dome features modern-bohemian decor including many items we personally designed and hand crafted. As you explore the Dome, you will find antique books and games along with natural wood and stone elements to stimulate your mind and spirit. If staying in is what you need, the Dome offers a full kitchen with refrigerator/freezer, oven/stove, microwave, and most importantly, an assortment of coffee preparation devices including a French Press, Moka Pot, and drip coffee maker. The Dome features a memory foam King Size bed in the master bedroom as well as a daybed in the sun room that turns into a King Size bed if necessary.

During cold nights, the Dome is heated with a natural wood burning stove (bring your firewood) and a few carefully placed space heaters. On warm nights, the Dome has two AC units located in the living room and main bedroom. You will not find a television on the premises, but we do offer Wi-Fi free of charge just in case you want to stream a movie, video-chat with family and friends, or post that perfect Instagram photo.

Whether you stay with us or at one of the other amazing spaces on Airbnb, we hope you experience the near-magical nature of the desert and all the sensations that come with this wonderful place we call Joshua Tree.

We are excited to announce that local "juicing guru", "Angela of Juice in the Desert" will now be offering her juicing services to all guests who stay at the Dome in the Desert. 

"The Power Of The Moon// The Power Of Juice// The Power Of Love"

 The Moon is a powerful force upon our planet. It affects the ocean’s tides, sap and juice levels in trees and plants, our behaviors and our bodies. The gravitational pull on the water in our bodies connects us to the Moon and its magic. Made up of over 60% water, our bodies can be dramatically affected by this beneficial pull.

By aligning a cleanse with the most potent phases of the Moon, we are able to take advantage of its force to help deepen the cleansing process and effects. Starting on either a New Moon or Full Moon will give any cleanse a powerful helping hand.

NEW MOON/ A time of new beginnings and manifesting positive changes, and for finding time for yourself and seclusion.
WAXING/// A time of increasing energy and gaining strength. Healing is promoted.
FULL MOON//// The most powerful phase. Building energy and vitality. A time of fulfillment and gratitude.
WANING// A time of decreasing, letting go. A time for new eating habits and breaking old routines. Completion.

We are believers in the power of plants. When our bodies begin telling us something is out of balance within, we look to the healing powers of raw fruits and vegetables to make us whole again.

Fresh, organic juices deliver a wealth of nourishment to our bodies in a short amount of time. With no fiber for the body to digest, these bountiful benefits are supplied to us much faster than would be if the fruits and vegetables were eaten whole or blended. Taken in steady doses over an extended period of time, juicing rewards our bodies with healing experiences and rejuvenating energy.

Locally, Angela is available for personalized juice cleanse services in beautiful Joshua Tree, California. She will set a juice menu based on your individual needs, and will make the 100% raw, organic, cold-pressed juices, delivering them each day of your cleanse with a smile and a hug. She will monitor and record your experience and provide support as needed during the cleanse. You will receive all of necessary guidelines for pre-cleanse foods, how to properly break your cleanse, and detoxification ritual recommendations. 

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