jeudi 27 mars 2014

Discover Molly Guy For Stone Fox Bride

"After Creative Director Molly Guy got engaged in 2010, she was super bummed out to discover that the New York City wedding world lacked edge, beauty and style — the three things that drew her to Manhattan in the first place. Instead she found lots of puff, fluff and blue-haired old ladies trying to sell massive princess gowns in stuffy salons filled with bad perfume and claustrophobic wallpaper. She was like, "Ew. This sucks." A year later, Stone Fox Bride — a groovy, enchanted wedding sanctuary — was born.
Voted "Best Anti-Bridezilla Bridal Showroom in New York" by Time Out New York, Stone Fox Bride carries a curated selection of bridal gowns, veils, headpieces, and rings. Our mission is to offer brides everything they need to have the mellow, meaningful and insanely cool wedding of their dreams. Our tiny team is comprised of formally trained designers, artists and pattern makers. Our collection is made from the finest silks and laces, and everything is draped, patterned and sewn in New York City's top ateliers. We are a team of women who design for women — short, tall, curvy, small and everything in between. Love is what we live for. Our goal is for all brides to walk down the aisle in truth and in style."

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