lundi 10 février 2014

Peony Swimwear By Becky Jack From Australia

Growing up, I always knew it was summer when my Nan's peonies began to bloom. peony swimwear (pronounced pee-oh-nee) was born out of my life-long love affair with the beach. Uncomplicated, natural and effortless style forms the philosophy behind the brand which is inspired by summer's simple joys - diving into the ocean, the smell of coconut oil, the taste of a banana Paddle Pop and the joy of being surrounded by the people you love. I believe the happiest memories are made under the sun.

All peony swimwear is handmade with love in Australia using the softest most luxurious Italian Lycra. Each collection is built upon exclusive signature prints, dreamy colour palettes and fluid silhouettes with a focus on superior quality and fit. Fashion-forward yet understated and wearable swimwear is at the forefront of peony's vision. Never fussy, contrived or overdone, peony is a swimwear label for the quintessential down-to-earth Australian girl, who spends her days with sandy feet and salty hair… "
Becky Jack

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